So yesterday was like being back in high school.

Ok, not really, but just having four of your closest friends hanging out at classic Starbucks like we did so often back then, really brings back those crazy memories. Memories of skipping chapel/study hall/government(in Katie’s case, practically ALL the time)… goood times. It makes you so grateful you found such good friends in high school.

Today and yesterday were GORGEOUS. 75 degrees. that’s right!! SEVENTY FIVE! Talk about luxury.



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  1. Ha,  75 degrees in November?!!…that would be awful….no winter.   I like our winters and would miss them if I lived somewhere else.  But I am glad you like your winters.   We had snow two days ago…but now its gone…it is sort of late this year.  Well ttyl.  God Bless!


  2. omw did he seriously??  That’s awesome… well at least I think lol!! Anyways things are going great here!! Love u and miss u!! Keep God number 1!! Love always, *~Emily~* aka Emerin  My Thai name hehe!!!


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