Sometimes I just don’t know.

I start school tomorrow… not really sure how I feel about this. Not really nervous, but not completely bursting with excitement either.

I like seeing different people. I’ve been spending time with different people and it really broadens your horizons.

Ever been in a friendship that you throw soo much energy and in the end it all fails? All the work that you did to try and build a person up, be a good friend, and and make them feel good about themselves? And then when it all comes down to it, you’re not good enough for them? That all along you were just good enough for that time until they became friends with their “ideal” friends?

Sometimes I honestly think that my weakness is that I do care too much.

Sorry to sound upset, but I’m slightly annoyed at the moment.

But on a happier note, I have found an amazing coffee shop near me. No, wait, I found two. I highly recommend Harbor Cafe and Cocoa Perk, both located in Hershey.


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  1. when is the fob concert??  I want to come!  Oh and layman, no one is better than you, they are just confused if they think they don’t need you as a friend anymore~ 


  2. hi sweetnin’. 
    i understand exactly what you’re saying in your post.  im sorry you’re going through something like that.  call me if you need to talk.  hope your first day was wonderful. 


  3. So where are you going to be going to school? Hope that goes well for you.I know exactly how you feel about the friend situation. But I honestly don’t think you can care too much. Some people just aren’t appreciative for the attention you give to them. Well, I’ll talk to you later.


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