Well since my last post, the snow has mostly gone(thank goodness). I learned to like it despite it preventing me from visiting International Falls last weekend. Except it didn’t really. My aunt had counselling clients over at camp so that’s why we did not travel. But we ARE going tomorrow! That excites me greatly.

This week was loooong. Elaine was out most of the week at Family Life Workshop so I got a chance to be alone… it went much better than I anticipated, although I did answer the phone with “Hello ManorCare… I mean Northern Youth Programs.” Oh the horror. Thankfully it was someone from up here so it wasn’t as horrifying as it could’ve been. Just another day in my life.


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  1. hey, nice to hear frum u again,  that ur doin ok!! :) luv ya!!!  hope u hav fun up here, but i don’t know if i’ll get to see u. (unless ur goin to kmart!!!!) :)  j/k :)  luv ya!!


  2.  Hey gurl!! dude i HOPE i getta see you SOMETIME while you’re down here….i feel sorta helpless ‘cuz i won’t be able to get a youth thing together ‘cuz my Gradparents are going to be here friday and Mom and Dad are going to be gone Sarurday and i’ll prolly be in Kenora Sunday..sooo yeah, i feel sorta bad about that!! anywayz,,, i guess if ya’ll are gonna drop Dallas off Friday i’ll see you then!


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