cinnamon rolls.

  No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, life has just gotten sliiiiiiiighly busy. I mean, wow, how is it almost APRIL?! Seriously. It feels like 2007 just got here, and it’s been almost 4 months! Annnnd March 15 marked 6 months that I’ve been away from home. 6 months! Gotta admit, it doesn’t feel like that. But enough of how time flies.. there’s one way to sum it up and I credit this to Carolyn. “Think about it. Today is the yesterday of tomorrow.” Gotta love it.

So lets see.. what have I done lately? Uhm well.. to be honest… I can’t remember all that much. I DO know that Myra, Janelle, Heather, Janelle and I made 19 pans of cinnamon rolls. Yes, 19. here’s proof: 

life 294

Um, ok that’s only 16 pans. But I promise we made 19!

life 339

Yes, they really were THAT good. What did we do with 19 pans, you may ask? We ate them all. Just kidding. We gave them to the families up here. It was for St. Patty’s day. 

 I also know that last weekend was pretty much top notch. This was because I went to the Falls and then onto to Loman for a youth rally. My aunt and I stopped in at Milt and Karen’s for a bit and it was good to see the girls again. While we were there, my aunt got an email saying that my cousins, Katrina and Wayne, were at Loman! It was great being with her again.. spilling everything to her, listening to her funny stories from Wyoming, laughing, avoiding volleyball… yeah, it was grand. Except for the fact that we were up late, and then I was woken up to guys talking loudly outside our window. I was slightly confused. Anyways, the weekend was good. Merle Burkholder had some great things to say. So all in all it was a good time. AND I got to see Lysh too, as well as some other fun people that I got to know last summer. Aw, last summer… Oh yes, I also got to see my grandparents. They are hilarious. They just talk, talk, talk, talk, and TALK. I love the fact that they are old, but very young at heart. They try to be involved in younger people’s lives and I like that. “The most interesting thing was…” oh, Grandpa. Gotta love it..

Anyways, I think that covers some of the main things in my life.. in EXACTLY 2 weeks(!!) I will be at home.. or at least in my home area. We leave for Pennsylvania on the 11th and we’ll drive straight through and get there on the 12th. There is SO much to do. Hang out with Carolyn, see my grandmother, a wedding, fun things in general. So all you E-town, Lancaster people, I’ll be seeing you soon.



11 Replies to “cinnamon rolls.”

  1. u guys r ever cute. ;) it was great seein u again!! n why did u havta make me hungry, seein those rolls???? jk :D luv ya~bethany


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