I think… that I can safely say that last Tuesday was one of the best birthdays I have had. Although I gotta admit, when I woke up at an unearthly hour because of the rain pouring down outside… I was not impressed with July 10. Not to sound fussy or anything, but I was kinda hoping for sunshine and warmth. And to top it off, I was exhausted from… well, life I guess. So anyways, July 10 wasn’t so great when I first got up. I went into town with Shelah and we did our stuff… got yummy food at Tim’s and chatted as we drove the huge town of Dryden. We got back right before lunch, which was set out so we could have my birthday dinner that night. I still was not feeling very celebratory and just wanted to sleep. Anyways, after lunch, I headed back to the office and that’s when I started noticing a few things. First, a few people just acted… differently. Not weird, just like they knew something. Second, Dallas was in Janel and Janelle’s office (that’s not very normal), they were talking about something, and then they quit talking when I came in. I kinda ignored it, but did accuse them of conspiring against me. Anyways, I started my various tasks when Janelle randomly came to my desk and started asking… interesting questions like “so how’s your birthday going? Good, that’s good to hear. Oh, look, a note from Darla. That’s cool.” At this point, I heard a car pull in and started to stand up to see who it was. Janelle tried to distract me but it was too late. It was two of my aunts, Karen and Pricilla, along with my cousin Katrina and close friend Alicia! They had decided to come up for the afternoon/evening for my birthday! That was soo special having them here. It turned a not so cheery day into a day that will forever be in my memories. Thanks so much, Karen, Pricilla, Katrina, and Alicia for being here. And thanks to everyone else who helped pull it off. Apparently everyone knew about it and they all kept it a secret.

So being 20 really doesn’t feel much different. I really didn’t think it would, but whatever.


16 Replies to “twenty”

  1. I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday. I mean, it’s crazy around here and everything, but I still shouldn’t have forgotten. Welcome to the world of 20-year-oldhood. :)


  2. i so totally wish that i could’ve been there on your bday too…but, i was slightly busy that day.=) it was forevermore shu-weet hangin’ out with you last wkend!=) is it alright if i steal that pic of us 2?!


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