should i stay, should i go..

“I’m trying to picture how you milk a banana”
“It’s flavored, dearie.”
“Oh… like chocolate or strawberry milk?”
That was one of the many conversations at dinner today. My cousins are here and they are quite funny.

So I’m having crazy mixed emotions at the moment. I want to go back, but yet… I easily could just stay here and pick up where I left off last September. Staying here would be too easy though, and I’m not one for a easy life because easy means boring. I don’t like boring. BUT.. easy is comfortable and that’s nice. And I really DO miss my friends at NYP. I guess that’s just… life.

So I think I got to see everyone and do everything I was hoping to. Wednesday I hung out with Penni and it was so fun wandering Park City with her and hearing about her life and just spending good time with her. Then that night I had a little get together here with some people from my youth group. It was so good to see Julie, Beth, Becky, Josiah, and Kim again. I think Josiah and I figured out that it’s literally been a YEAR since we’ve talked. Uhm… we went swimming even though it was kinda cold, then I showed them a bunch of pictures of life in Dryden. They say they want to visit… hmm.

Thursday I hung out at my Grandma’s for the day. I went and picked up my cousin Ellen and we visited some of our cousins at various places… it was fun. I got to see my Grandpa’s business and my uncles that own it… and I saw my cousin Lavern too. Later that night I went to see Hairspray with Kate, Penni, Carolyn, and her friend Jess. After that, Carolyn, Jess, and I went to Square One for coffee. I miss that coffee shop.

Saturday I hung out with Beth and Becky again… went to Fuddruckers in Harrisburg… awesome place. Came home and my cousins were here. Well, some of them are my cousins. Some are not. Then today was church and yeah… it was odd being there again, but yet it was so normal that I just really miss it. And catching up with old friends is always good.

So yeah. I leave in two hours.

Maybe I should take Beth and Josiah up on their offer to kidnap me.

Or maybe I should just go back.


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