5 years

That’s a long time.

A few days ago it hit me that 5 years ago I made a long trek home after serving for 2 years at Northern Youth Programs in Dryden, Ontario. If you’ve ever been on a 26 hour road trip, you know how tiring and draining that can be. But it got me home. It was a new point in my life. I was terrified, but so excited.

Don’t get me wrong. My time in Canada was good. I learned so much about life and people. I learned that I won’t always agree 100% with everyone and not everyone will always like me. For a girl who always had a lot of friends, that was a hard lesson to learn. I also learned that I am incredibly easy to scare and that I needed to work on that. 5 years later and I can’t really say I have improved on that too much. I believe all camp staff can attest to that :)

Those 5 years between leaving NYP and the present have been so awesome and were full of new lessons and experiences. I finally figured out that even if I make plans, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t God’s plans. Everything I start without listening to God will eventually crash and burn. That’s something I’m definitely needing to work on. I want to be open to wherever God places me.

Seeing where I was 5 years ago and seeing where I am now makes me very curious as to where I’ll be in 5 years. I have that same feeling of nervousness yet excitement.

In other news, I was told I am an outlier because I do not like bananas. An outlier is a thing (or in my case, a person) that is outside of normal experiences. My professor told me this and at first I was taken aback. But then he said something highly encouraging. He said

“It’s good to be an outlier. They change the world.”

Wow. I better go get started.


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