I know I’m weird, but I like rain. Something about it comforts me. I like staying inside, drinking tea, and reading. And if it’s summer, I love it that much more. There’s something so invigorating about abandoning all rationale and letting the drops overtake you. Although I have learned that sometimes just chillin’ in the pouring rain is not essentially the best idea.. especially when it leads to sickness. But what I’m trying to say is that rain makes me feel alive. I know all the scientific aspects behind rain but I don’t care. To me it feels like a direct outpouring from Heaven. Sometimes I just need to be in the rain and feel that closeness.

However, driving when it’s raining is a completely different story. And the traffic that comes with it is horrendous. This past weekend a group of my friends and I met at EMU to spend time with friends from camp. Almost the entire weekend involved rain. And if it wasn’t raining, it was that weird kind of mist that just hangs in the air and envelopes you. But that didn’t change the weekend. We had a great time of reconnecting, hanging out, eating, laughing… pretty much camp again. It was just what I needed after a somewhat crazy couple of weeks. 

So right now I’m in the middle of reading maybe 7 books. I know that is ridiculous, but that’s just how I do things. The one that I’m enjoying (or maybe I should say learning the most from) the most is Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb. It’s about how sometimes God uses shattered dreams to prepare us for something even better and also to bring about an intense desire for Him. I read it with the staff at NYP when I was there but I don’t think I took away much from it then. Something that popped out at me was this excerpt:

“The highest dream we could ever dream, the wish that if granted would make us happier than any other blessing, is to know God, to actually experience Him. The problem is that we don’t believe this idea is true. We assent to it in our heads. But we don’t feel it in our hearts.”

I know this is true in my life. I want to say my greatest desire is to know God, but I don’t follow through on making that happen. I hope that one day this is my ultimate dream. 


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