5 Reasons Conservative Girls Should Get An Education

While I was not raised in a very conservative mennonite family, I have a good amount of friends who were so I still can identify with this post. And even though my family’s background is rather conservative, education was highly encouraged. This writer makes many good points and I hope that it can encourage even one girl to follow her dreams through an education of some degree.

The Knepp Duo

In recent years, there’s been a push back in conservative circles against girls getting lots of book learning or higher education. Does the phrase “Stay at Home Daughter” ring a bell? “We want to raise them to be wives and mothers and embrace their highest calling.” Because, obviously, any good Christian girl in her right mind will jump on the first offer she receives and get married when she’s 19. If, heaven help her, she is still an “old maid” at the ripe old age of 27, she can serve her father in his home business or ministry. She will be more fulfilled in this way than any other path she could choose, because God wants women to remain at home. If you’re not gagging by now, I sure am.

Now, granted, there’s been a reason for the start of all this. It’s a backlash against the feminist movement and the idea that a woman…

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