Life Between Camp and College


I honestly can’t believe I start classes tomorrow. This semester is going to be killer. I have four English classes (Intro to Writing, Literary Research, Intro to Language, and Later American Lit) and a Women in History class. I hope most of these classes require some writing. I’m hoping to really become a much stronger writer in the future.

The two weeks between camp and now have been a whirlwind of picking classes, cleaning, organizing, reconnecting with friends, and adventuring. Last weekend Anna, Joe, Chris, and I spent some time in Philly with Leah. So much good in too short of time. I’m so thankful for strong relationships where we can from silly to serious in .04 seconds. Also, one of my favorite times of the year happened… the FAIR. I know it sounds lame, but it’s unexplainable. I just love the familiarity and tradition of it always happening.

Things have changed here in my family’s lives. On Friday we officially moved my Grandparents into an apartment in town. It’s crazy. Back in March I was sure that this move was never going to happen. It cut pretty deep and I had a relatively hard time getting over it. I was pretty upset with God for taking that plan away. My cousin and I would talk about it often and while she was still optimistic that it’d work out, I was so tired of getting my hopes dashed over and over.

But here we are in August and the grands are settling in. Looking back, I can see that waiting a few months was for the best. They were in the North for a few things that were important to them. It was easier for them to attend my uncle’s funeral. My grandpa had one last summer to have his own garden. They easily traveled to my grandma’s family reunion. They had a few extra months with grandchildren and one last Minnesota summer, which I can testify is truly something to experience.

These changes won’t come easily or fast. My grandma specifically will need time to adjust. On Thursday night when they arrived the first thing she said to me was that “I’ll be okay, but I’ll need to cry.” At least she’s honest. This whole move is still so surreal to me. I have literally wanted this since I was a child. Now it’s here and I feel like I always do – that soon I’ll have to say goodbye. But I won’t.

The move went as well as expected. With so many people around, things got done quickly. They have a nice place, it’s just smaller than the other place. That meant a lot of downsizing for my grandma and I know it was hard on her.

I also realized how quickly my cousins are growing up and how much I’ve missed being in their lives. The past few days have been a lot of fun and I find myself wishing we would all live closer to each other. Reconnecting with family is so good. My grandpa happily exclaimed on Thursday that half of his children were together.  I could tell he was thrilled.

I feel like something big is about to happen in my life. I don’t know what, but I can’t shake this feeling. I want to be open to whatever God is leading me into, but I have to admit… I’m a bit nervous.


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