Days Gone By

It was a long day today. Children’s music camp at church is in full swing and I am loving it. Even though the kids are crazy, they are so fun to be with. It’s sort of filling the hole that camp left. After that was over, I met my aunts and their cousins for lunch and shopping around Lititz. I enjoy shopping, but only for specific things. It was still enjoyable to hear their stories about my grandma and her siblings.

I’m starting to get “written out”. I’m hoping inspiration strikes soon. So for now, I’ll share an assignment from my Creative Writing class this past spring. It’s not my best work, but I liked the challenge.

The assignment: The poem must be 20 lines long, and . . .the randomly chosen words must appear, in the order they were selected, at the end of each even-numbered line; in other words, the first word must be used at the end of line 2, the second at the end of line 4, the third at the end of line 6, etc. The tenth randomly chosen word must appear at the end of line 20, and therefore must be the last word in the poem. You may change the form of some of the randomly chosen words, if you like. The minimum allowable line length, in syllables, is 8. The maximum allowable line length is 17 syllables. You are allowed a maximum of 8 end-stopped lines (including line 20) in the entire poem.

The result:

Days Gone By

Sometimes I think back to the days gone by
when the world was full of possibilities and innocence.
Carefree and happy. That was childhood
And to be honest, that was sufficient.
I couldn’t imagine growing up or ever seeing my
Favorite black Labrador with a gray-beard
Instead of the shiny coal fur he was praised
For. I never dreamed that I would learn about
Heartbreak and the searing pain of loss.
No one wants to experience those things but they happen.
The lazy days of staying in the sun for hours on end
Reading, thinking, praying, and dozing
are long gone. Here’s to the memories
and moments that filled our household.
One would think that things were perfect but
That wasn’t always the case. I reached so high
But never could quite grasp true joy.
Joy, it is oh so hard to measure.
But the ups and downs of life is what
Shapes us, pushes us to be fully human.



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