Best Friends

Remember that birthday list I posted a few days before my birthday?

Well, in true best friend forever fashion, Carolyn has come through yet again and got me that fabulous “there, their, they’re” shirt. I was so excited I forgot I was in a parking lot while a guy from AAA replaced my dead battery.

I realize friendships that begin in high school don’t always have a high success rate, but thankfully, mine have been pretty successful. Carolyn and I met in 9th grade bible class and while we didn’t have the best start, we got over that. That class did lay a pretty solid foundation for a friendship that has lasted over 10 years. Our friendship is built on a solid and mutual love for all things peanut butter, cats, cupcakes, New Found Glory, and sarcasm. We have been friends for so long now that words are not even necessary half the time.

We’ve both grown so much since we were 14. You probably wouldn’t even recognize us. Okay, maybe you would. But the changes that have happened are for the best.

I’m just glad what didn’t change was our friendship. Here’s to another 13 years, and hopefully many more.


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