I started writing this while sitting in a bed and breakfast outside of Pascara, Italy. I have just under a week left in this beautiful country.

Traveling hasn’t always been easy. I like routine. We’re almost always in a new place each night and adjusting is sometimes hard. But I’m getting to see so much of this country and I love that aspect of this trip.

I love that two years ago I sat in an art history class learning about things like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel and sculpting his Pieta. Now that I’ve seen them in real life, I really can appreciate his talent so much more.

I also had a professor that same semester who told me and a friend of mine that we should go and spend a summer in Italy. It seemed such a far off possibly then but here I am.

Italy is truly amazing. There is so much history here. The buildings have so character and there’s obviously a story behind each one.

But something I’ve loved the most about being here is the people. I had this preconceived notion that Italians might be a bit snobby towards me, an American. But the few that I’ve spent more than an hour around have been anything but snobby.

We spent two nights at two different bed and breakfasts. Both places were very charming and homey. Both owners treated us as if we were family that had come to visit. It was there specifically that I hated the language barrier. I’m starting to be able to pick up the basic idea of a conversation but I can’t understand specifics. It’s like when my mom speaks Pennsylvanian Dutch. I get what she’s talking about but I can’t understand details. Having to rely on someone to translate is frustrating for me because I’d like to contribute on my own.

The hospitality we were shown in those two bed and breakfasts was overwhelming. I wanted to stay and just soak it all in. Also Italians know how to eat well and the food just kept coming. Let it be known that their cappuccinos and croissants are about 5 levels above almost anything I’ve had anywhere else. I think I’ll be visiting La Dolce Vita in Lancaster City a lot more now.

We only have four more days left. We have Venice, Verona, and one other place left. We’ll get into Switzerland (long enough to say I was in Switzerland), see Lake Como, and then we fly back to America.

I’m ready. This has been a trip to remember. I want to come back again and now I know where I want to spend more time. But I miss my friends, family, and routine. I’m even ready to start another semester.

I also miss Oreo. He’s probably taken over my bed, but he’s a cat. We can just share.


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