Winter is like…

that really long, annoying song that plays over and over and no one turns it off.

Winter is like that family reunion you really don’t want to go to.

Winter is being stuck in a traffic jam with no hope of moving for six hours.

Winter is like listening to President Trump speak.

Winter is forgetting your cup of hot tea on the counter and coming back to it cold.

Winter is like burning cookies.

Winter is like missing your connecting flight.

Winter is like getting to your favorite coffee shop right as it closes for the night.

Winter feels like getting stuck in a conversation you want no part in.

Winter is like reading a 45 page legal contract.

Winter is like getting in the express checkout lane and having someone with 27 items in their cart in front of you.

Winter feels like Netflix trying to load after losing connection.

Winter is like driving through fog praying for a glimpse of the sun.

Winter is like trying to write in the middle of terrible writer’s block.

But spring is like…


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